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A Brief Account on Hunting Games in Altai

The Altai mountainous region that is located in East Central Asia is the point of convergence of as many as 4 countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. This is the place from where the two rivers – Ob and Irtysh originate. If you are willing to stalk and hunt in Altai, the entire region is a happy hunting ground, thanks to the wide range of biodiversity notwithstanding the roughness and extreme conditions that prevail over the region all throughout the year.

The Ideal Season for Hunting in Altai:
To hunt in Altai, you need to keep an eye on the hunting window of the region. Thhunting window varies to some extent according to the targets. If you are willing to stalk wild mountain goats or Mid-Asian Ibex, early spring is the most ideal time. For cocks in the forest and the grouses, you need to look for their mating places in the middle of spring. In case you are a good marksman and opting for some really “big’ trophy, you have the brown bears. They will be easy targets for you towards the end of the summer and start of autumn. As summers end to give way for Autumns the East Siberian elks, the Kamchatka & Koryak bighorn sheep will be sitting ducks for you. Again, when it comes to stalking and hunting Manchurian deer & dappled deer and Siberian stags, opening days of Autumn will be the best for you. Mid and later half of Autumn will be ideal for dappled deer, Marko Polo rams and the wild mountain goats of Central Asia.

Again, as Autumn ends and the long Winter months unfurl, you can go and look for the most fantastic sheep - the great Transcaspian red sheep. During the middle of winter, hunting a brown bear and a Great Himalayan bear by stalking them out of their dens is a great game that you will surely enjoy.

In case you are looking for Dagestan Tar, you have a window period of three months starting from end of summer all through Autumn till the beginning of the winter.

Other Information pertaining to hunting
There are a number of organizations which will arrange hunting sessions for you and will make sure that the sessions are interesting. You can refer to the website to spot them out. Their web pages will provide you all the information in details regarding the animals you can opt for and the time of the year ideal for hunting them down. Other ancillary services of these organizations include reservation of tickets for your trip and rooms in hotels for your stay. They will guide you all the entire trip providing you every minute detail of your hunting trail including providing cooks and guides, assistance in immigration and related activities, clearance at airports, arranging for gun license and so on.

Hunting programs at a bird’s eye view:
If you are aiming to hunt in Altai here is the complete information regarding hunting packages available:

  • Hunting brown bear at den, at oats and at bait
  • Hunting elk by calling or rounding up
  • Hunting Wolf using flags
  • Hunting fox using flags, calling or rounding up with the use of dogs
  • Hunting hare with the help of dogs or by rounding up


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