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Hunting programs in Russia and CIS countries

Special offer Magadan 2019

Hunters arrive in Magadan and fly to Omolon on the charter plane.

After the flight we use boats to transfer hunters from Omolon to the basic hunting camp.

Fishing is possible during the tour. Fishing object are: different types of salmon; grayling, malma in the rivers; flounder, perch, crabs in the sea.

Special offer Spring bear hunt in Altai
The average trophy's length of the skin 2-2,3m.; weight – 200-250kgs. Trophy with the length of the skin 2,3 – 2,8m. and weight above 300 kgs is 60%. The biggest trophy taken in this area with the length of the skin is 2,95 meters.
15 August – 01 Deñember and 15 January – 28 February

15 August – 01 Deñember / 15 January – 28 February
West Sajan Mountains
The Western Sajan mountain range might be considered as a part of the Altai mountains. The Western Sajan regarded as the most beautiful mountains in Siberia. The mountain ring belt's altitude is 2500-3000 m above the sea level. The wildlife world is also very rich and represented by: Siberian moose, brown bear, maral, wild boar, glutton, Siberian Ibex, musk deer, lynx, sable, otter, squirrel and other small fur animals.
We offer you an exciting journey and relaxation for travelers, anglers and hunters within a tremendous, virgin land of the Russian North. You’ll have a unique opportunity to enjoy crystal clear northern lakes and rivers inimitable in their beauty; and to breathe pure, fresh air of the northern forests.
This Marco Polo (Ovis ammon polii) trophy is one of the most prestigious trophies in the world. The exciting hunting process we are offering you now has been already passed through by a great quantity of famous persons from all over the world.
Rocky Altai
Altai republic is situated at the south of Siberia and border upon Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The overal territory is 92,6 thousand square km.; The population of the republic is 200,8 thousand people. Special program – the whole-year hunting for Siberian Ibex. Success rate is - 99,9%.
Hunting Ibex and Marko Polo ram in Kirgisia. Clothing should be warm enough, breathable and comfortable to move. Good mountain boots are the must for this hunt, alongside with sun goggles and sun-burn protection cream. People suffering heart diseases are better to obstain from this type of hunting. If altitude sickness does occure, descending to a lower altitude is the natural remedy, although drugs such as diamox (acetazolaminade) can be used safely to treat symptoms.
The giant Kamchatka moose (Alces buturlini) – one of the biggest animals living on the Russia’s territory. The weight of an adult male animal could reach 800kg. (Only the males of the Bjelorussian zubr could weight more, up to 900-1000kg). The width of the Kamchatka moose horns could reach – 170cm and weight up to 40kg and more.
There are two basic hunting camps with comfortable hunting houses. Camp “Verhnjaja Saniba” is situated on a picturesque mountain slope 15 km from Vladikavkas & 25 km from the airport “Vladikavkas”. A comfortable hunting lodge with double-beds rooms with showers and bath rooms has a capacity of ten persons per night. Alongside there are two very big dining halls, a sauna and a kitchen. A visitor could enjoy a marvelous view of the nearest mountain ranges from the windows of his room and dining rooms.
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We follow the international rules of fair chase hunting.
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