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Hunting Ibex and Marko Polo ram in Kirgisia.

Method of hunting: using horses for transportation; stalking.
Hunting area: Naryn are; Issyk Kul area. 4 hours time difference with Moscow.
Hunting seasons: September, 15 December, 15; February March.
Number of hunters in a group: 1 4.
Accommodation: jurts, heated tents


1-2 DaysArrival in Moscow, flight to Bishkek
2-3 DaysTransfer from Bishkek to the camp (by car on the road, by jeeps in the mountains). Duration - 7-10 hours.
3-10 DaysHunting
11 DayTransfer from the camp back to Bishkek. Overnigt in a hotel.
12 DayFlight to Moscow. Transfer from airport Domodedovo to Sheremetjevo-2. Flight home.

Tour price: $ 18 000 for 2 and more hunters in a group; $ 19 000 for 1 hunter includes: 1 Marco Polo Sheep trophy; all services Bishkek-Bishkek; visa; gun import license; veterinarian certificate.
Refund if unsuccessful - $ 8 000.
Price for non-hunter: $ 3 000.
Additional trophies:
Ibex - $ 2 000.
Wolf - $ 900.

Ibex hunt

In case, if organized separately.
Tour price: (including one Ibex trophy irrespective of size for the group of 1-2 hunters) - $ 4 400
For the group of 3-4 hunters - $ 4 200. Refund in case of non success - $ 1 300.

Not included is: Transfer in Moscow (for the group) $ 150 x 2 = $ 300
Flight costs Moscow-Bishkek-Moscow.
CITES for Marko Polo $ 350.
Our firm representative accompanying - $ 600 per Group.
Administrative payment - $ 150 per person.
Hunting camps are situated at the altitude of 2500-3500 meters a.s.l. The mountains are covered by poor vegetation consisting of grass; 0,5 meter deep snow in the mountains is possible.

Clothing should be warm enough, breathable and comfortable to move. Good mountain boots are the must for this hunt, alongside with sun goggles and sun-burn protection cream. People suffering heart diseases are better to obstain from this type of hunting. If altitude sickness does occure, descending to a lower altitude is the natural remedy, although drugs such as diamox (acetazolaminade) can be used safely to treat symptoms.
All transportations within the area are fulfilled by jeeps or by horses. Stalking at the final stage. Shooting range is 100 up to 500 meters.

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We follow the international rules of fair chase hunting.
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