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This Marco Polo (Ovis ammon polii) trophy is one of the most prestigious trophies in the world. The exciting hunting process we are offering you now has been already passed through by a great quantity of famous persons from all over the world.

Trophy sizes: 120-150 cm (50-60 inches)
Success rate: 95-99%
Method of hunting: using jeeps for transportation; stalking.
Hunting area: Tadjikistan (Karakul region)
Hunting seasons: September, 1 -December, 10; February-March (temperature range -10°C at night, +10°C day time in September up to - 30 C in November)
Number of hunters in a group: 1-2
Accommodation: stationary houses with coal heating with a sitting room, kitchen. Sauna and water pool at the altitude of 4200 m above sea level.


1-2 (3) DaysArrival in Moscow (Sheremetjevo-2).
Transfer to Domodedovo airport. Flight to Osh (Kyrgyzstan).
Flight time - 4 hours. An option Moscow-Bishkek-Osh is also possible
3-4 DaysTransfer Osh-hunting camp by car (8-10 hours)
4 (5)-13 DaysAdaptation to the altitude. Hunting
14-16(17) DaysTransfer: camp-Osh; Osh-(Bishkek with overnight)
Transfer: Domodedovo airport - Sheremetjevo-2.
Flight back home.
Tour price
$34 000 (including: 1 Marco Polo trophy); services
Osh-Osh; for 2 hunters and more
$35 000 for one hunter.
gun import license; veterinarian certificate; CITES)
Refund if unsuccessful – $10 000

Price for non-hunter: $3 000
Additional trophies: Ibex - $3 500 , Wolf - $700
Tour prices doesn’t include: Airfare till Osh or Dushanbe; tadzhik or kirgis visas;
Our firm representative guidance – $800. Gun Import License - $300.

Ibex hunt
For a group of 5 hunters.
The price includes: all the services Dushanbe-Dushanbe, meals and accommodation in the hunting camp; hunting guidance 1 to 1; interpreter per group; 1 ibex with trophy minimum 1m 20cm. helicopter transfer to and from the camp.
$5 500 per hunter.

Every hunter must be properly equipped for the hunt.

Clothing should be warm enough, breathable and comfortable to move. Good mountain boots are the must for this hunt, alongside with sun goggles and sun-burn protection cream. The prevailing terrain, consists of rocks and ground covered by poor vegetation. High snow is possible in February-March.

All transportations within the hunting area are fulfilled by jeeps or by horses except the last animal stalking distances. Shooting range is 200 up to 500 meters.

Hunters are preferably to abstain from using big calibers rifles with heavy bullet cartridges. For more efficient shooting it is desirable to have a rangefinder.

People suffering heart deceases are better to abstain from this type of hunting. If altitude sickness does occur, descending to a lower altitude is the natural remedy, although drugs such as diamox (acetazolamide) can be used safely to treat symptoms.

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