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West Sajan Mountains

Brown bear, Lynx, Maral, Siberian Roe Deer, Ibex.

The Western Sajan mountain range might be considered as a part of the Altai mountains. The Western Sajan regarded as the most beautiful mountains in Siberia. The mountain ring belt's altitude is 2500-3000 m above the sea level. The taiga-mountain belt is spread on the altitude of 1500 m above the sea level. There is a tremendous amount of lakes and rivers with crystal clear water. Together with waterfalls and beautiful nature this region has a specific charm of it's own.

The wildlife world is also very rich and represented by: Siberian moose, brown bear, maral, wild boar, glutton, Siberian Ibex, musk deer, lynx, sable, otter, squirrel and other small fur animals. But if you'll be lucky you will see even snow leopard (Irbis).

The terrain is very hard here. A hunter should be physically strong enough to cover 10-15 km per day and must be prepared for changing weather conditions.
The main camp is situated at the distance of 300 km from Abakan city at the altitude of 1300 m above the sea level.

Hunter, can use a horse, or a jeep, or a river boat to get directly to the hunting area. There, for two or three days you can stay in the wild nature with a local hunting guide living in a very small log hunting house.
The most popular and successful hunts in this area is a spring bear hunt “on the lair”. The usual success rate on such hunts are 98%!

Combined hunt: bear “on the den” and lynx with dogs is also very popular among the hunters. The success rate here is more then 90%. But for this hunts you need at least 8-10 hunting days, because of the changing weather conditions. Animals (especially bears in spring, when they come out of the den) don’t like to move a lot when it is snowing or raining.

Service price:
EURO 220 per hunter a day.
EURO 130 per non-hunter a day.

Service price includes: visa-support, gun import license, full board, accommodation, hunting guide, interpreter, transfers in the hunting area, veterinarian certificate, preparation of the trophy.
Not included: tickets Moscow-Abakan -Moscow. Overnights in the hotels.
Transfer Abakan-Hunting area-Abakan – EUR 300 per group.
Administrative payment - EUR 100.
CITES – EUR 250 (only for bear); veterinarian certificate – EUR 30.
Transfer in Moscow – EUR 150 x 2 = EUR 300.
Our firm representative guidance – EUR 400.

Trophy price

Hunting periodGamePrice (EURO)
15.11-28.02Brown bear in the den2000
25.04-05.06Brown bear (Stalking)2200
25.04-05.06Brown bear at the bait2400
10.09-15.10Maral up to 10 kg2500
Maral over 10 kg3300
05.09-31.12Sibirian Roedeer1000
25.04-05.06 25.08-28.02Wolf600
Wounding – 50% of the trophy price.

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