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Rocky Altai

Hunting maral, bear, Siberian roe deer,Ibex black cock, Capercailye, tundra partridge.

Special program – the whole-year hunting for Siberian Ibex. Success rate is - 99,9%.
You are offered a unique opportunity to feel the combination of civilization comfort and feeling of the virgin nature.
All this is possible at the exclusive territory of the hunting areas in Rocky Altai.

Geographic position.
Altai republic is situated at the south of Siberia and border upon Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The overal territory is 92,6 thousand square km.; The population of the republic is 200,8 thousand people.

The general conditions of hunting and necessary equipment.
The main hunting areas are situated in the basin of the Katun river from the mountain Beluha at the east and up to the mountain Belok Verh Abai. The hunting is taking place at the mountain-taiga zone with the temperature fluctuation from + 25 up to – 20 Ń (depends on the season of the year and the altitude from 900 up to 3000meters).

Duration of the hunting tour: 8-10 hunting days; for combined hunting for 2-3 trophy-animal – 14-15 days.

Accommodation: at the main hunting camps; in the houses with the rooms for 1-2 hunters with beds and banja. During the hunt hunters live in small wooden houses for 2-3 hunters with a stove or in tents.
Transportation to the camp by 4x4 car UAS, Horses are used for transportation in the mountains We stalk the animals at the last stage of hunting. The distance between camps is 20 km.

Equipment: each hunter needs a sleeping bag, a flash-light and a rangefinder . The clothes should be warm, light and shouldn’t produce much noise. The hunter is accompanied by the hunting guide (sometimes two).

Service starts at the airports of Barnaul or Novosibirsk. The clients are transferred from the airport to the hunting camp by a car or minibus. It will take 10-12 hours. The distance is about 700 km. The last 150 kilometers of the road is made of gravel. On the way to the camp breakfast or lunch will be served. Next morning hunters are making test shots and leaving for the hunting areas.

The cost of the hunting trip includes: hunting license; full board, accommodation, trophy preparation, hunting guide, all transfers in the hunting area. Minimum 2 hunters in a group.

Hunting season: all year round (the best period is August-November). Duration of the tour – 12 days (8 days of hunting). Transportation in the hunting area - by horses, stalking. Lodging for the night in wooden houses with a stove and sometimes sauna. For 1-3 days duration routs tents are used for overnights. Hunters “stalking” the animals during the whole light-day. Local hunting guides are helping to find and choose a good trophy males. The average trophy – 110cm. Possibility of shooting the trophy with more than 110 cm – 70%.
The biggest trophy taken in that area is 130cm.

Season of the hunting: during “the rutting” period – September-October stalking in the morning and in the evening with the special call. November-December: «stalking» and driven . Duration of the tour – 12 days. (8 days of hunting). Transfer by car and by horses in the hunting area. During 1-3 days of hunting outside the main camp overnights in a tent. The average trophy is 8-10 kgs. Possibility of getting 13-14 kg trophy is 30%. The biggest trophy taken in that area is 17 kgs.

Season of the hunting: May,1-June,1. Duration of the tour – 12 days. (8 hunting days). We use motor boat for transportation on the Katun river. Overnight at the base camp: wooden house with a stove, autonomous electro generator . Overnights during 1-3 days of hunting in a tent. Stalking in the morning and in the evening hours at the feeding places of the bear on the southern slopes of the hills or on the lair.
The middle trophy: size of the skin 2-2,3m.; weight – 200-250kgs. Probability of getting the trophy with the length of the skin 2,3 – 2,5m. and weight about 300 kgs is 60%.
The biggest trophy taken in this area with the length of the skin is 2,95 meters.

Season of the hunting: August-November. Duration of the tour – 12 days. (8 days of hunting). Transportation in the hunting area by horses and stalking. Accommodation at the camps in the wooden houses with the stove. On the routs 1-3 overnights in the tent are possible. The ways of hunting: stalking, driven hunts. The average trophy: 500-700grs.

MaralService EUR 2 900
Trophy: up to 12 kg – EUR 2600
Over 12 kg - EUR 3500
Sibirian IbexService EUR 2500
Trophy irrespective of size - EUR 1700
Sibirian roedeerService EUR 2300
Trophy - EUR 900
WolfService EUR 2700
Trophy - EUR 700
CapercailyeService EUR 1500
Trophy - EUR 150
Brown bearService EUR 2800
Trophy - EUR 2300
Wounding of the animal: - 50% from the trophy price.

Not included into the service costs:

  • Transfer Barnaul – hunting area – Barnaul – 500 ? / per 4 hunter in the group /.
  • Transfer Barnaul – hunting area – Barnaul – 300 ? / per 2 hunter in the group /.
  • Administrative payment oer person – 100 ?
  • Veterinarian certifacates – 30 ?
  • CITES - 250 ?
  • Extra gamekeeper per day – 50 ?
  • Service price for non-hunter with participation in the hunt – 120 ? per day * 10 days - 1400 ?
  • Non-hunter (stays at the basic camp) for 10 days – 1 000 ?.;
  • Helicopter: - Gorno – Altaisk to the hunting area and back – on reqest.

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