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Altai A Paradise for Hunters

In case you are looking to hunt in Altai you will not have to worry for your trophies. Altai, the East Central Asian region where 4 countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia converge present a perfect ground for hunters from all around the globe, who are looking for big time trophies. When it comes to hunting in Altai region options are aplenty – all you need to do is to choose your trophy and the appropriate time for stalking and marking them!

The trophies available in Altai and time of the year suitable for hunting:
To hunt in Altai and adjoining region, you need to talk stalk of the principal hunting seasons. Hunting seasons of the region can be broadly divided in the following windows:

  • April to May and August to October are suitable for hunting Kamchatka brown bears, Kamchatka moose, Kamchatka & the Koryak snow sheep, Siberian brown bear, and Manchurian deer
  • April to May and August to December are suitable for hunting European brown bear, European moose, Wild boars, Sika deer & Red deer, Capercaillia & Black cocks.
  • March and August to December are ideal if you are looking to hunt Mid-Asian ibex and Marco Polo argali, Siberian and Mid-Asian ibex hunting, Marco Polo argali and Hume argali hunting
  • April to May and August to December are best for hunting Wild boars, Capercaillia & Black cocks, European moose, Red deer and Wolf
  • March and September to December are suitable to hunt Transcaspian urials
  • August to October is the window to hunt Dagestan Tur


Terms and Conditions of Hunting in Altai
There are a number of organizations which will help you to hunt in Altai. These organizations will help you in virtually everything – starting from VISA arrangements and other assistance for passage to hotel booking, guiding all through your hunting sessions, chalking out the itineraries and arranging for your favorite gun and bullets. Majority of these organizations would ask for depositing half of the entire cost of hunting involved when you go for reservation. You would be required to pay the total hunting cost and the payment of the cost of the trophy at least 30 days prior to the hunting date.

You have the option of depositing the first payment by electronically transferring the cash to the account of the organization. After you are done with your hunting spree, you can pay for your trophy in cash. In case of cancellation, you need to apply for cancellation at least 30 days prior to the date of hunting. In that case, the payment that you have made for your trophy will also be returned as you have owned any trophy.

While hunting, you will receive:

  • Reservation of your travel tickets as well as hotel rooms;
  • Visa assistance which include assistance for your meeting to have the visa approved, a trained and experienced guide all along your route of travel
  • Assistance during transportation between airports and hotels
  • Your trip to the hunting camp and back (it can be a trip on horseback, by jeep, snowmobile, or boat)
  • Full service of a huntsman during your hunting sessions
  • Full service of guides and cooks as well as assistants during your stay in hunting camp
  • Full service of interpreter (if needed)
  • All the necessary documents for hunting such as vouchers and license for your gun and bullets


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