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A Brief Account on Hunting in Russia and CIS Countries

When it comes to hunting, you will find hardly any region in the world which is as rich in terms of trophies as Russia and the CIS region. A wide variety of animals and birds available throughout the year indeed makes this entire region a hunting paradise for the men with guns. Hunting in Russia and the CIS states is really a worthwhile experience that attracts leading hunters from all over the world.

The main regions in Russia and the entire CIS that are hunting paradise and attract the hunters mainly include Kamchatka Peninsula, Siberia, Central Russia and Karelia, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Caucasia. Let us get into the details of the animals that are abundantly available in each of these places that attract hunters from all over the world.

While Kamchatka Peninsula is inhabited by Koryak snow sheep, Kamchatka brown bear, Kamchatka snow sheep & Kamchatka moose, Siberia is famous for its Siberian brown bear & Manchurian deer. Central Russia and Karelia are homes to a wide variety of species like European brown bears, Red deer, European moose, Sika & Wild boars, Capercaillia & Black cock. Tajikistan attracts hunters for its Mid-Asian ibex & Marco Polo argali while Belarus is famous for Wolf, Wild boars, European moose, Capercaillia & Black cocks, and Red deer. Turkmenistan and Caucasia attract hunters for their Transcaspian urials and Dagestan turs respectively.

Seasons for hunting in Russia and its adjoining CIS region vary a lot. That means if you are looking to go for hunting in this region, you need to be specific about the place where you intend to go and then you will be able to understand which is the best hunting season in that particular place. Let us have a quick look at the hunting regions and their respective seasons. If you are looking to hunt in Kamchatka Peninsula and Siberia, it’s best to opt for the month of April to May and August to October. If you are headed for Central Russia or Karelia, then April to May and August to December are the most ideal times for hunting. Again, Tajikistan and Kirgizia are best for hunting in the month of March and then again from August to December. Belarus is best for hunting from April to May then again August to December. Turkmenistan is ideal for hunting during the month of March and then from September to December and Caucasia offers the best hunting weather from the month of August to October.

Several hunting tours in Russia and CIS regions are organized by various hunting organizations. The tour mainly includes Kamchatka Peninsula, regions in and around the Lake Baikal, Central Russia, Caucasus Mountains, Karelia, Kopet Dagh Mountains located in Turkmenia, Tien Shan in Kirghizia and the Pamirs.

Hunting is Russia and in the CIS region is not child’s play. Extreme cold weather almost throughout the year coupled with chilling north polar wind tests your perseverance and the tolerance level of the hunter, specially while stalking some really violent animals which are not only dangerous but even might pose a threat to life in certain circumstances. If you are a hunter looking for some trophies, you need bring out your best hunting skills in order to excel in this region as a hunter. Remember, fortune favors the brave!

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